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Microsoft .NET framework Development

.NET is a vital part of the applications running on Windows as it offers common functionalities to these applications to help them run well. It is a most comprehensive and totally consistent programming framework for building incredible applications that promise to offer high visual quality, safe & seamless communication and wonderful user experience.

It is in fact a most dependable technology that works as a perfect support system both for building and running the next generation apps and XML based Web services. In developing this cutting edge programming framework, Microsoft had the below given objectives:

  • Providing a programming environment which is consistent and object oriented and works well in all the cases whether the object code is locally stored and executed or its execution is local but distribution is over the Internet or the execution is remotely handled.
  • Providing code-execution environment in which the conflicts related to software deployment and versioning gets minimized.
  • Providing code-execution environment in which the performance issues related to scripted or interpreted environments get eliminated.
  • Offering a genuinely consistent developer experience throughout the development processes of most varied types of applications that may be Windows based applications or Web based applications.
  • To help in maintaining industry standards for building all communications so that .NET framework based codes easily integrate with other kind of codes.

Knowing that both customers and employees look for device applications offering more personal experience and continual connectivity to the services they require, we offer services based on this incredible programming framework from Microsoft. It works exceptionally well in the creation of lightweight services extending through the cloud that maintain proper industry standards and offer remarkable user experience across different devices.

Some of the services that .NET framework offers include:

.SOAP Services − for fully flexible operation centric services.
.WebHttp Services − for fully flexible operation centric services− for building RESTful services and to get total control over URI/format/Protocol.
.Data Services − for exposing data model and associated logic via RESTful interface.
.Workflow Services − for long running or durable operations or where operation sequencing and specification is needed.
.RIA Services − for building end-to-end Silverlight application.
Here, at Adaptative, you can look to get application development and services such as:
  • Console Application
  • Windows GUI Applications (Windows Forms)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application
  • ASP.NET Applications
  • Windows Services
  • Service-oriented Applications based on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Workflow enabled Application based on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
Microsoft .Net Framework Development

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